Precision Machining Experts with a Lean Manufacturing Philosophy

On The Mean was founded in Ohio in 2020 with a simple yet valuable philosophy: develop a more efficient CNC machining process and pass the savings it generates on to customers. While this philosophy may be straightforward, putting it into practice has required investment, strategic planning, and consistent effort. When our machine shop was formed, we were determined to acquire a CNC machining center that would cut down standard production time while also providing us with the tight tolerance machining capabilities our customers require. The design of our dual turret 4-axis MAZAK Multiplex 6200Y machining center allows us to do exactly that.

Further, while our CNC machining center and testing equipment are advanced, they would be of limited use without the right person programming and maintaining them. Thankfully, one of our co-founders is a thoroughly experienced machinist who holds an NTMA Journeyman Machinist certification. This means that any contract machining job that you contract On the Mean to complete will be performed by a seasoned machinist who knows exactly how to get the most of our CNC machining center.

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A Veteran Owned and Woman Owned Machine Shop Serving OH, PA, MI, and Beyond

The benefits of working with our Ohio CNC machine shop grow even clearer when you learn that we are both Veteran Owned and Woman Owned. Our shop uses methods learned from military experience to maximize the efficiency of our operation. We know that time is money, and we also know that our CNC machining center allows us to help you save machining time without sacrificing quality. You can benefit from this efficiency of our machining process by contacting our Woman Owned machine shop in OH for your next job. Our processes are designed to allow for an enormous amount of time and cost savings, much of which we can pass on to customers.

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Building Relationships with CNC Machining Customers, Shippers, and Material Suppliers

In addition to our lean machining strategy, we have found other methods to make working with On The Mean an ideal choice. These include building out relationships with material suppliers and shipping companies. These material supplier relationships make us a resource not only for your machining needs but for acquiring the material you need machined. These materials can include stock aluminum, stainless steel, pre-hard, carbon steel, brass, copper, and a variety of plastics. In addition to being able to obtain these materials on your behalf, we will not charge any cost markup when doing so. While you are welcome to supply us with the materials you need machined, we want every customer to know they can rely on On the Mean to not only machine but acquire their materials for competitive prices.

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Controlling the Precision Machining Process from Quoting to Completion

When you make On the Mean your CNC machine shop of choice, you can take comfort knowing that the same pair of eyes will be overseeing your project from start to finish. This starts with us putting together your competitively priced quote and acquiring and/or cutting your materials. We will then program our machining center that is designed to handle jobs like yours. Once parts are machined, we will conduct a thorough quality assurance review prior to shipping or delivering your completed part or parts, free of charge. Handling each aspect of the machining process at our OH based shop allows us to work efficiently and get your machined parts in your hands with a brief turnaround time guaranteed.

Additionally, we want to mention our ability to get your machined parts shipped to your business for reduced prices. The savings our efficient processes generate afford us flexibility in being able to cut shipping costs. This helps to make our prices competitive even if your company is located outside of OH, PA, and MI. Contact our Ohio CNC machine shop today to learn more about our capabilities and request what we hope will be the first of many precision machining quotes from On the Mean.

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