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We believe that anyone who is considering contracting On the Mean for their next precision machining job deserves to know about our quality assurance process.

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At our machine shop, quality is placed at the forefront of every consideration we make. From the quality of the materials, we can source on your behalf the MAZAK Multiplex 6200Y 4-axis machining center we have invested in, the groundwork for each job is designed to ensure quality. However, these efforts only represent the beginning of the ways we ensure quality. Once the machining process is complete, the beginning of our formal post-production Quality Assurance (QA) program takes place. This involves equipment from trusted testing tool brands, which we will detail below. In addition to our equipment, the production and testing of your parts.

Quality Assurance

Testing Machined Parts with Equipment from Top Brands

Our MAZAK machining center can complete tight tolerance machining jobs with great efficiency. However, to confirm the measures provided in your drawings are adhered to, we utilize state-of-the-art testing equipment from globally recognized manufacturers. Our machining testing equipment includes:

  • A TESA-Hite Magna 4 Arm
  • SPI IP65 Micrometers
  • Thread Gauges
  • Height Stands
  • A Deltronic MPC-4 Optical Comparator
  • Calipers, thread plugs, gage pins, slug guns, comparators, bore gages, and more

We always make sure that any part you contract On the Mean to machine will fit and function perfectly in its intended environment. Having extensive experience machining for a variety of industries helps in our ability to understand your needs. By developing a thorough vision of where the machined part or parts we provide will be used, we will know what sorts of testing must be conducted prior to shipping. Our ability to comprehend your business and needs also makes our team easy to communicate with, adding to the already extensive list of benefits you will gain by contracting On the Mean.

Only Accepting Machining Jobs We Can Complete with the Quality Customers Demand

If you receive and accept a quote for a CNC machining job from On the Mean you do so knowing we only agree to work on jobs that we know our team, machining center, and testing equipment can produce with exceptional quality. This quality will be guaranteed whether you come to us for a single part or a medium-high volume production run. Once a production run is completed, we do not take the quality of your machined part or parts for granted. Instead, we utilize the testing equipment that we maintain in-house to make sure precise measurements have been met and the machined material will perform reliably in its intended application.

While our veteran owned machine shop is focused on efficiency, we never put speed before quality. Though not every job will require the use of all our equipment, the tools at our disposal provide us with what we need to provide you with the exact parts you contract us to produce. If you would like to benefit from our ability to ensure quality, contract On the Mean for your next precision machining project.


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