A CNC Machine Shop Serving the Transportation, Automotive, and Machining Industries

Do you need complex machining work completed on small parts? If so, On the Mean is an OH CNC machine shop you can rely on to get the job done with quality guaranteed. We work with customers nationwide and are well suited to machine parts for a variety of industries that need to be produced with tight tolerance. Since our formation we have been contracted to perform work for companies in industries that include rail transportation, hydraulics, pneumatics, automotive and even other machine shops. Given our capacity to complete precision machining work in short turnaround times, we have become a resource for machine shops that need assistance with overflow work. While transportation and machine shops work with us, these are only two examples of the many industries that can benefit from our experience and machining capacity.

injection molding components

Industries In Need of Tight Tolerance Machining Trust Our Veteran Owned OH Machine Shop

Customers who contract our Veteran Owned OH machine shop know they can rely on us to have the skill, equipment, and testing tools needed to ensure quality. While we do not serve every industry, our capabilities can make us a valuable resource for countless companies. Given the scope of our MAZAK Multiplex 6200Y machining center, which we detail below, the breadth of parts we can machine is effectively limitless. When you need smaller parts machined within tight tolerances, On the Mean is ready to serve as a reliable resource.

Adding to the benefits of contracting us is our experience working with common machining materials. From plastics to copper, brass, stock aluminum, and a variety of steels, we and our machining center can machine them efficiently. Plus, thanks to our relationships with material suppliers we can obtain the metal or plastic your job requires on your behalf without charging any acquisition markup. We believe in making it as easy as possible to work with On the Mean no matter what industry your company operates within.

Hire Us to Machine Complex Fittings and Other Threaded Products

We are an OH machine shop that specializes in machining complex threaded products. If you need to order a single fitting or want to contract our shop for repeat medium-high volume production, we are ready to help. Our 4-axis CNC machining center can machine parts in the size range of 2” – 6” in diameter up to 4” long, with the 2” diameter range being its sweet spot. Its 4-axes and programmability make machining parts with complex geometries simple. They also allow us to ensure quality even on production runs that stretch into tens of thousands of pieces. We know how crucial it is for your parts to work exactly as intended and our equipment allows us to guarantee that this happens each time you contract On the Mean for a machining job.


The Dimensions Of Our MAZAK Machining Center Allow Us to machine An Endless Variety of Parts

Above you have seen examples of industries we have served and components we have machined. However, these are only provided to allow you to develop a basic understanding of our capabilities, not our limits. In fact, given the part dimensions our MAZAK machining center can handle, the components you can hire us to machine are limitless. If your job calls for a part or parts with dimensions that are within our CNC machining center’s size range, we can produce it rapidly. We will always do so with quality guaranteed and for a low price as well. Our 4-axis and dual turret live tooling capabilities allow us to produce parts quicker than shops that require separate mills and lathes to match our MAZAK machine’s capacity and we pass on the cost and time savings to our customers.

The capabilities of On the Mean go beyond the extensive scope of parts our OH precision machine shop can produce. We are also skilled in working with a variety of popular machining materials. These range from plastics to a range of steels, aluminum, and beyond. If your business has the materials on hand, we will gladly cut and machine them as needed. However, if you would like to benefit from relationships, we have formed with material suppliers we will be able to acquire the metal or plastic you need and will not charge a markup for this service. Given our extensive experience serving varied industries, we are confident that we will be able to take on your job if our equipment is well suited to its dimensions. You can contact us today to request a competitive quote and then contract us to begin your machining work.

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