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Joe Sadler / August 14, 2023

On The Mean is a Trusted Veteran Owned Machine Shop Serving US-Based Customers

Are you a US based manufacturer in need of precision machined parts that will be guaranteed to be delivered to you within a tight timeframe? On The Mean is a veteran owned machine shop that has the dual turret 4-axis machining capabilities needed to get the job done. We also have a thorough quality assurance program that involves advanced testing equipment and an experienced machinist operating it all. As a veteran owned precision machining shop, we use lessons learned during military service to perform rapid, tight tolerance machining of parts with complex geometries. If you would like to find out

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Veterans Understand the Need for Reliability and Quality

If you want a machining job completed on time and with quality guaranteed, you should work with a veteran owned machining business. At On The Mean, we are building a machining shop using evergreen principles learned during military service. These principles include the importance of honoring commitments, never cutting corners, and never saying a job is done until it is fully complete. We hold ourselves to the highest possible standards and the precision machining work we complete provides plenty of proof of this. We rely on our MAZAK machining center to machine parts correctly but know that a human touch is required to ensure each job meets our customers’ needs.

Our Advanced Quality Assurance Program Helps Back Our Quality Guarantees

Being veteran owned helped form our focus on quality and it has led us to invest in advanced QA equipment too. We do not take our dual turret 4-axis machining center’s precision for granted. Instead, we thoroughly test the parts we machine using both innovative and traditional machining equipment. When you contract On The Mean, an NTMA certified machinist will be handling both production and testing of your parts. Our experience helps us to get the most out of our machining center and allows our testing equipment to be used effectively.

The suite of equipment we maintain in-house includes a TESA-Hite Magna 4 Arm, height stand, thread gauges, SPI IP65 Micrometers, and even more. Having this suite of testing equipment on-site allows us to test your machined parts thoroughly and rapidly.

A Veteran Owned Machining Shop Serving Automotive, Transportation, and Machining Industries

Companies operating in industries ranging from Automotive to rail transportation trust On The Mean the complete precision machining work. Manufacturers in these spaces trust our veteran owned machine shop to meet their quality and turnaround time expectations. They also know that we use advanced equipment like our MAZAK machining center to complete production machining runs. Our team is also relied upon by other machining shops to produce overflow parts for them when their precision machining work exceeds their capacity. Rather than acting as competitors to these shops we seek to be a resource.

High Quality and Low-Cost Precision Machining in Ohio

You may associate high quality with elevated prices, but this is not the case when it comes to working with our machining shop. We were founded with an intent to streamline the CNC machining process. This lean machining philosophy is present in every step of our production and testing work. The result of our military efficiency is savings for our customers, the benefits of which you can experience by hiring us to serve as your low-cost precision machining shop.

Reach Out to Discuss How Our Veteran Owned Shop Can Serve Your Machining Needs

We want to earn your business and invite you to request a machining quote from On The Mean today. We look forward to offering you a competitively priced quote. If you choose to contract us for the job can take comfort knowing we will honor all our commitments related to turnaround time and quality. This combination of rapid production, high quality, and low pricing makes contracting On The Mean especially valuable. We look forward to hearing from you soon and showing you the precision work our veteran owned machine shop is capable of.

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